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If you are in need of Tax Relief, CEF has IRA programs that will assist you in deferring your tax payments to the IRS.

An investor asked me a question some weeks ago and since then I have thought that the explanation might clear up a question that you have not yet asked.

The question: why is the market doing so good and yet my interest rates are still not increasing?

The answer:  interest rates are not tied to the market or stocks and bonds.  Interest rates are affected by the treasury department and the rates of interest shown there. Example is now home and auto loans are cheap. The loan interest is low then the interest income is low also.  CEF loans your investments to congregations at 3 percent and you are earning a percentage based on the type of account you are invested in now. CEF also rebates congregations a percentage of the interest paid at the end of the year depending on how much that congregation has in supporting investments.  Our loan interest is rebated at 2 percent per year, because we have over 500 percent in supporting investments. Now you can see that we are only paying 1 percent on the money we have borrowed from CEF. If CEF overhead was not less than 1 percent of their budget they would be in the red.

Profit is not the goal of CEF; Expanding the Kingdom is the goal.

If you have any questions or need assistance with investing in CEF let me know.

Frank Litt, CEF Rep

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