CEF Spotlight

Sunday 22 September 2020, was our annual CEF Sunday.  If you missed it we have a new investment program.  If you could not attend the after service briefing on CEF and the Christ Lutheran Ministry then we need to meet and greet and just talk CEF, about how to expand the Kingdom and bring others to learn about Jesus Christ and Salvation.  We can also discuss how to teach our youth about being financially responsible, good stewards, and spending tine the Word of God.

I can give you an avenue to let your children and /or grandchildren to know how much you Love them and care for their future.

If you were in church you would have heard from the service how, what, who, and your responsibility to care for God’s Property.  It was a sermon designed to make you think about how you can be a caretaker for all of God’s Property:  Grounds, Buildings, Schools, Churches, and the People on earth are all God’s Property and need a place to hear the True Word of God, be Baptized, and partake in Holy Communion.

Ask you CEF Rep about the “Rainy Day Fund”.  Don’t be all WET!

Frank Litt, CEF Rep

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