Currently, our Senior High Youth is working on Where the Bible Meets Life. This curriculum applies relevant life experiences to stories in the Bible.

Our Senior High Youth just returned from Journey Lutheran Camp in Oklahoma.

Camp Lutherhoma 2015

Three high schoolers from Christ Lutheran Church and the youth group leaders went to Camp Lutherhoma to experience a Christ-centered weekend filled with Bible studies, music, games and thought provoking activities. The weekend is called Journey in January and this journey was a Journey Through the Darkness. We can all identify strangling darkness in this world, both global and personal and this weekend navigated through it all.

Each morning at Camp Lutherhoma began with First Word, a time of quiet meditation at the river, allowing God to be our first focus of the day.

Saturday was a glorious day of high energy activities. One young man was a master of defense for Ultimate Frisbee while two other students impressed everyone with their improv skills. Climbing The Wall was challenge for everyone, pushing them beyond what they thought was physically possible for the day. Saturday night culminated with a Journey Through the Darkness. In the small groups, the kids had only the moon and star light to guide them silently along the path, revealing what each person struggled with. Beginning with The Swamp, a blacked out room where all the confessions glowed bright through the assistance of a blacklight. It was a powerful demonstration that our youth struggle with more than we often want to admit. The groups continued their journey through the camp observing poignant skits, finally running the Gauntlet of Darkness. Everyone then wrote their darkness on a piece of cardboard and saved it. The groups reunified for a Bible lead journey to the Light, revealing the joy of hope and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. With the help of a spot light, our eyes were lead to the river where the cross radiated the light. Everyone journeyed down to the river for the final message: we can be a light in this world of darkness. The cardboard pieces held the darkness, but through the cross, when given to Jesus, we watched that cardboard erupt into fire, bringing light to everyone. Great fires begin with just a flicker....

From that point on, it was a celebration of the power of the Light of the World and our role was to let go and have joy!

Sunday included First Word, worship and Bible study; then goodbyes to new friends and the journey home, reflecting on the weekend and its impact on our lives. It was a good weekend....