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Greetings to you in the name of Jesus our Savior.

Many of you have experienced the wonderful power, peace, and love of our healing prayer services. God heals in many ways! He heals us through the Word, through Sacrament, in prayer, in fellowship with each other, in worship, and in other powerful ways.

We are all sick and ill. And like it or not, admit it or deny it, we are all dying from the same disease- SIN! The Good News is that through the forgiving power of Jesus and His redemption, we have been bought back from sin, death, and the devil and even though the thorns of sin still exist in our life today, we have been cured for eternity in Jesus! However, that cure will not be fully realized until that great day we close our eyes in this world and open them in the Kingdom to come! Given this knowledge and Truth, St. James calls us to pray for each other and to anoint each other that we might celebrate the grace and healing of God in our lives! Jesus sent His disciples out anointing the sick and praying over them. The Apostles’ practiced healing prayer in their ministry to help people experience the Kingdom of Heaven and its gifts in the here and now. We need this powerful reminder and action in our lives here and now to keep our eyes focused on Jesus and our hearts filled with love and joy! What a blessed gift this is that Christ has given to His church!

At our last elder’s meeting I was asked if there was a way our congregation could celebrate this powerful worship more often. So, we have agreed that every 5th Sunday will be a service of healing prayer. I know the services in the past have taken quite some time, so I have totally revamped the service which will allow for people to leave at their leisure after Communion and or prayer time. I pray this will be another opportunity for you to be blessed with the loving power of Jesus in your life!

Looking ahead: Ash Wednesday, yes, Lent begins March 6th! Join us for worship and for the following Wednesdays in Lent for a meal and for worship. El Smith (praise God for you, El) will once again be coordinating our Lenten meals. You will also receive a daily family devotional book that will also serve as the theme for each Wednesday and Sunday worship service during Lent. I pray you join us for this powerful season of repentance and forgiveness.

Included in this newsletter, you will find a letter from our District President, Rev. Michael Newman, calling us all to repentance on Ash Wednesday. In this light, the focus of our service will be exactly that. Please plan on joining us Ash Wednesday as we celebrate this call from our president with the churches through the Texas District.

Once again, thank you for all you do. Christ Lutheran is only Christ Lutheran because of you. I love you and cherish you all! God be with you.

In the shadow of the cross,

Pastor Travis

About the Author
Rev. Travis Pittock has served as the pastor of Christ Lutheran church since November of 2015, and in the Lutheran Church-Missouri synod since 2002.

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