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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings to you in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ our Savior!

I am so excited to announce to you our summer Adult Bible Study and Sunday School program. First, though, I would like to share a little background. As you know, one of the most common things I hear from our members, visitors, and our new members is that Christ Lutheran is a family! And, yes, we are! I feel it is crucially important for us in today’s society to make sure this value we share in being a family is not only maintained but that we grow in this value as well. People are in desperate need for relationships. In fact, more and more people are leaving behind churches with lots of programs for kids for churches like ours where they can be certain their child will individually be loved and cared for as part of a family. They have come to the revelation that in programming, just like in society today, their child is just a number to fill a spot instead of an individual to be in relationship with and loved! That is why we do what we do.

Another reason for what we do is that the Bible itself tells us to value children, as adults together to teach them in the ways of the Lord, and to remember they are part of a family. Just look throughout the Word, especially in Acts, where whole households came to Christ and worshiped and studied together! This included children. We also need children. The Bible tells us that we are to have faith like a child. In order for us adults to get that, we need to hang around with the young people of our faith and enjoy them as God’s precious ones.

With this in mind, this summer we will be doing an inter-generational Sunday School program for kids from 3-103! We tried this last year and we learned a lot. This year will be more interactive, and we will be doing some fun projects together. Also, this summer we will focus on the life of prayer and what that means with the Lord’s Prayer being our guide. We can certainly all use that. And think of what a blessing from the Lord it will be to use the wisdom of us older folks to teach and love our children, and in return the children using their joy and love to teach us! What a beautiful picture of what Heaven must look like!

So, let’s do this! Let’s have some fun this summer! Let’s learn together and celebrate Jesus! Please, plan on joining us on this journey of prayer together!

Thanks for all you do! I love you guys so much and I cherish you and am blessed and honored to be your pastor.

In the shadow of the cross,

Pastor Travis

About the Author
Rev. Travis Pittock has served as the pastor of Christ Lutheran church since November of 2015, and in the Lutheran Church-Missouri synod since 2002.

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