Mow Teams

Help Needed!!!

It’s been a cold and recently wet winter, but spring will soon be here.  With warm and sunny weather, the grass and bushes around church will come to life. The mow teams have done a great job through the years.  Many of the team members have contributed their time for many years, but some have to drop out for various reasons. We need some new recruits to keep the teams fully manned.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to serve your church by contributing a few hours of your time once a month. We show the public how much we love the facility God has blessed us with by keeping our church grounds looking good. The church has quality equipment for your use and covers the cost for all supplies.

Join our teams of mowers.  By working together, each of our four teams takes responsibility for the lawn one week a month.  You can do your part any time during that week. Working together, it should only take a few hours of your time. If you are away on vacation, your team members will cover for you.Contact Ken Harvell by phone or talk to me a church. 

About the Author
Stephanie Pittock is the Director of Christian Education at Christ Lutheran Church in Fort Worth. She and her husband, Rev. Travis Pittock (pastor of Christ Lutheran), have been serving together in ministry since their marriage in 2001.

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