Thrivent Thoughts

Outreach Ministry

In 2020 there are over 30 ministry projects scheduled at Christ which have established project leaders and volunteers.  These projects could use supplemental funding. One funding source would be congregation members. If you have a Thrivent account of any type, an additional ministry funding source would be a $250 debit card by sponsoring a project through an Action Team. It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out the online application at Examples of previous applications can be provided. You can also talk to the project leader to obtain into to submit to Thrivent.

Almost half the current projects have sponsors already! Praise God!!  Talk to Wayne on Wednesday or Sunday about reviewing the list of available projects. You can sign up for two projects each year. He will send a text or email when you enter the sign-up time window. When the Thrivent box arrives, give it to the project leader and they will take it from there.  After the project has been completed, the project leader will provide the information you need to complete the one page final report to Thrivent in about five minutes.

You can also sign up at for any other currently not scheduled ministry project that touches your heart. You will be the project leader and need to recruit your own volunteers.
Before, during and after your project you could also pray that God bring people closer to Him as a result.

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