Thrivent Thoughts

In 2018 there were 12 Action Teams, adding $3000 to ministry efforts.  In 2019 we are targeted to have 27 Action Teams, adding almost $7000 to outreach, if we can get sponsors for the last 4.  The projects needing support are November Senior Serve, December Senior Serve, child identification in connection with Pumpkin patch and a dinner after the children’s Christmas pageant.

We also have a new opportunity to expand ministry as a result of the July 25 WIC event.  Tarrant County food bank was very impressed with the facilities and volunteers at Christ Lutheran.  They want to send a monthly food mobile to provide for our neighborhood.  If we can get Thrivent members willing to sponsor a team of two, we could BBQ hot dogs with buns and condiments for those who attend.  If you are willing to step up to any of the opportunities, please text Wayne Burnop.

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