Welcome to the second music blog post of our Lenten quarantine! I guess that’s the best name for this, though it’s looking like social distancing will continue for a while beyond Lent. Today I’m sharing with you a song that’s new to me, and possibly new to you. I first encountered it at a retreat in February, and I love it. The song is called “This Dust” and is written by Kip Fox. Here is a recording of him singing it.

Lord have mercy on me
I am riddle with the world’s disease
Taking what I want
And turning it into my need
I am flesh and blood
Never good enough
You poured out Your love
To cover over this dust

Oh what senseless love
You would come to join with us
Drink this cursed cup
Redeeming all that we’ve undone
We are flesh and blood
Never good enough
You poured out Your love
To cover over this dust

Your mercy rains on all our shame
And washes all the stain away

Death is all around us
We are not afraid
Written is the story
Empty is the grave 

Death is all around us (Your mercy rains)
We are not afraid (on all our shame)
Written is the story (And washes all)
Empty is the grave (the stain away) 

This song was written before any of the current situation began, but it’s so fitting for right now. Death is all around us these days, in ways more literal than we could have imagined even a few weeks ago. But the end of the story has already been written – we will pass through the grave into eternal life.

The thing is, we are riddled with disease, even when our bodies are perfectly healthy. We are filled with sin. But we are forgiven, redeemed, healed. Even as we face a time of fear and uncertainty, we are not left alone. Jesus is here, with me, with you. No matter what happens, the story is written and the grave is empty.

I encourage you to spend some time singing along with the video, or just meditating on the words. God bless you today.

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