Christian Education at Christ Lutheran

At Christ Lutheran, we value Christian Education for all ages.


Adults have opportunities to learn through a Bible study on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall covering various topics. Discussion and questions are highly encouraged!

Sunday School is at 11:00 AM each Sunday morning in Classroom 104 and the Family Room.

Children develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually each year of their lives, and we want to be a resource for parents in that development, especially the spiritual aspects.

For ages 2 through 4th grade, we are currently focusing on learning the basic Bible stories through the Bible, story books, coloring pages, movies and music. We also have a prayer station for the children to encourage the life long joy of praying.

5th through 12th grade students are currently tackling the understanding of their faith through topical studies and Confirmation classes.

As children and youth begin working on various milestones in their faith development, we will give them the tools they need as they begin the journey for the next year. These tools include picture and story books, age-appropriate Bibles, Luther’s Small Catechism (foundational in the Lutheran church), prayer journals, and more.

Along with these church-based activities, we believe that faith is “caught” more than it is “taught,” and we want to support parents in sharing their faith with their children in every aspect of life.