We’ve started something new at church in 2018. In an effort to recognize those who serve in our midst, and also to have more time of fellowship, we are holding 5th Sunday Potlucks. Every time a month has five Sundays (it happens about four times a year), we will have a potluck instead of Sunday school and Bible class after worship. During that potluck, we will take some time to recognize and honor those who volunteer for various ministries at our church.

We held one in April for everyone who volunteers with our senior outreach ministries (we have two major ones). And in July, it’s time for another one!

This time, we’re honoring everyone who serves on Sunday mornings (minus those who teach, we’ll get them next time). So that’s ushers, choir, greeters, readers, acolytes, A/V booth, communion assistants, and even the folks who set up and clean up donuts and coffee. As we made our list, the numbers were pretty amazing! So many people who help with all of the stuff that makes our time of worship and fellowship happen. We are so thankful for everyone who chips in on Sunday mornings out of the goodness of their hearts.

Our list of readers has grown over the past few months and it’s wonderful to hear a variety of voices reading the Scriptures each Sunday. We recently started a Welcome Center team, who help to acclimate newcomers to our worship experience. Greeters will answer the door and make sure everyone gets directed to the right place. Ushers collect offering, help folks find a seat in the sanctuary, and even stay in the lobby area during worship to keep an eye on things.

We are also blessed by musicians who sing, play instruments, and lead music during worship in a variety of ways. While some are staff members, like the organist, most are volunteers who simply love to praise the Lord through music! Young people get in on the action through lighting candles and helping run the computer worship slides. In many ways, worship is a family affair, involving servers of all ages. We are so thankful for all of you who help out, or who have done so in the past. You are a gift to Christ Lutheran Church!

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