The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Today’s worship is a Healing Service. As we gather together today to worship, we ask God to come and heal us. Healing comes in many ways. We are healed through God’s Word of forgiveness and His Sacrament. We are healed as God work in our hearts and lives to remove shame, guilt, grudges, bitterness, and anything else that keeps us from living in, seeing and hearing Him fully. And yes, God does bring physical healing to us as well as He uses the modern gift of medicine and the healing hands of Jesus in our lives. Today, let us come before our God, surrender to Him all our burdens, our hearts, and our very lives and pray, “Come, Lord Jesus, heal us and give us hope!”

Lessons for the Day

First Reading: Proverbs 3:1-8

Second Reading: Acts 10:34-43

Third Reading: James 5:7-20

The Message Prayer and Anointing

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About the Author
Stephanie Pittock is the Director of Christian Education at Christ Lutheran Church in Fort Worth. She and her husband, Rev. Travis Pittock (pastor of Christ Lutheran), have been serving together in ministry since their marriage in 2001.

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